IV infusions, trend or here to stay? PODCAST

PODCAST: Heal Thy Skin, By Dermhealth

IV treatments that promise to do everything from boost energy to combat stress are making a big splash in 2020, topping the wellness trends lists for the year.

What is intravenous therapy?

According to Cambridge Health, IV or intravenous therapy refers to a therapy that delivers fluid into veins in the body. IV therapy works by using an injection with a syringe or via infusion, often referred to as a drip. IV therapy is the fastest way to deliver medications, blood products and more into the bloodstream to help with various health conditions, dehydration and blood transfusions.

But why does IV Therapy top the trend of health and wellness?

That is what our host Marni and Madeline Calfas of The Wellness Group will talk about in this episode.

Madeline is an Integrative Medicine Practitioner and a highly experienced certified. Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner. With over 20 years of experience in her field, she is dedicated to furthering her knowledge and expertise in the field of Anti-ageing and Integrative Medicine.

In 2016, Madeline was recognised by the International Nurses Association as a ‘Top Nurse’ in the Aesthetic Industry.

Madeline understands that being an Integrative Practitioner means understanding that the human body is more than just a collection of systems, symptoms and illnesses. It is about looking at the body as a whole and incorporating all the pieces of the puzzle to see the big picture.

Listen with us as Madeline debunks the biggest misconception about IV Therapy and how it affects skin health and wellness.